Einhamar Seafood's fleet

In the spring 2013 the Icelandic government made changes to the fisheries management in Iceland affecting the small boats system. Making it legal to use bigger boats, or 30 ton boats compared to the before allowed boats, 15 tons

To maximize capable processing alongside these changes Einhamar Seafood purchased 2 new and bigger boats to replace Auður Vésteins and Gísli Súrsson.

In august 2014 Einhamar Seafood welcomed their new additions.

These boats have combined capacity for 46.000 hooks and cargo tanks that hold up to 30 tons, making each of them hold 45 tubs, or 14 tons.

The main advantage of the bigger boats is better handling, and consequently much better quality. The new boats use smaller tubs making the weight in each box less, resulting in reduced pressure on the content, here being, fresh fish. The fish goes straight into these tubs after the bleeding and is loaded straight to processing, meaning no tubs are capsized, and therefore decreasing unnecessary damage.

With these new additions, Einhamar Seafood's boats will be equipped with a slurry ice machine, a pre cooler system and a Rotex bleeding tank.


Older boats