Einhamar Seafood 

Founded in 2003, Einhamar Seafood stresses long line-fishing and fresh fish production. The company has its own vessels and employs around 70 people combined on land and at sea. With rapid growth in recent years Einhamar Seafood is now among the biggest fresh fish producers in Iceland. 

Our Markets

Europe and North America are the company’s largest markets, particularly the UK, where the company has established a strong reputation for quality and reliability. Our products are flown from Iceland to their destination and great care is taken to keep the products cold and fresh at all times. All of Einhamar Seafood's fish processing takes place at the headquarters which are ideally located in Grindavík near the Keflavík international airport.


Below is a video clip from Landinn, which is a news and society television progam on RÚV (The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service). The clip features Einhamar Seafood's fish from the ocean onto a consumer's plate in Boston, USA, less than 48 hours after being caught in Iceland.

The video clip is mostly in Icelandic but after 3 minutes there are two interviews in English.